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Hi, I just found this software yesterday and am very impressed. I am trying to do a study that involves multiple components. It would be great if it were possible to automate most of the process. How can you automate the creation of a new project, import a step file, and create a mesh of that part? Ideally I want to automate the placement of these parts using the position matrix from cad. Is this possible using the command line and the executables that came with Z88Aurora? Any guidance is greatly appreciated. Thank you!
Hi colt,

currently Z88Aurora does not work with the command line. But you can automate some steps.
First the geocon.exe creates a z88.stl from a z88.stp (please rename your files). The call is like:

The z88.stl can be meshed with tetgen or netgen like:
netgen.exe z88.stl XXX 0.5 0
tetgen.exe -paXXXo2lCV z88.stl
tetgen.exe -paXXXlCV z88.stl

XXX means the parameter of the mesh size.
The result is a z88structure.txt with meshed part.

The placement of the part can only be handled via a script written by yourself.

I hope we could help you.

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