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Z88OS - updates?

Verfasst: Mo 18. Jul 2022, 08:51
von FEAguy

on behalf of the FreeCAD community, I would like to ask if there have been any updates to Z88OS since v15. The GitHub repository was last updated in 2019. FreeCAD uses Z88OS as one of the FOSS solvers in the FEM module and thus it is important for us to make sure that we utilize the newest version and that it hasn't been further updated since 2019.

Re: Z88OS - updates?

Verfasst: Mo 15. Aug 2022, 12:10
von mz15
Hello FEAguy,

the development of Z88OS is driven by Prof. Rieg ( The version on the git repo is currently the latest available. If you are not directly dependent on open source, you can also check out Z88Aurora. The equation solvers can do the same and sometimes more. The control files are (almost) identical. If you have any questions, you can also contact the chair directly. Write to with the note "Forward to Markus Zimmermann". Then the mail should be forwarded to me. I will then be happy to get in touch with you.


Re: Z88OS - updates?

Verfasst: Do 15. Sep 2022, 21:37
von McBernd
in short ... There is no longer a Z88 opensource version available.