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Solverinfo :Error :Z88Arion

Verfasst: Mi 22. Sep 2021, 07:56
von tomozaemon
Hello everyone,

I tried to optimize with Toss in the example project 5_Winkelhalter_Tosd.
But error occurred. When I checked the log, the error content was as follows.

#LogLvl ERROR :Ausgbedatei G•e der 0-1-Verteilung.txt kann nicht ge•fnet werden!

Can anyone please tell me what to do with this error?

Best regards,

Re: Solverinfo :Error :Z88Arion

Verfasst: Mo 27. Sep 2021, 07:32
von aK20
Hello tomozaemon,

this error normally applies when the program has no permission to access the file. This can be to a project folder with restricted permissions or because the file was already used by another process.
Can you try the example again with the project folder in your home directory?

Best regards,
z88 Support

Re: Solverinfo :Error :Z88Arion

Verfasst: Di 28. Sep 2021, 02:20
von tomozaemon
Hello z88 support,

Thank you for your reply.

I tried do it, but this error occurred again.
Home directory:/windowsC/Users/My user name/ is right?
When I optimized with OC example, the same error occurred.

Also, I checked project folder and I cannot find 0-1-Verteilung.txt...

Please help me...

Best regards,

Re: Solverinfo :Error :Z88Arion

Verfasst: Di 28. Dez 2021, 13:15
von mhseo
Dear everyone,

Well, I have the same problem as above.

I changed the permissions of the folder. But its result is the same.
Error log is "#LogLvl ERROR :Ausgbedatei G•e der 0-1-Verteilung.txt kann nicht ge•fnet werden!"

Does anybody get this kind of problem in the Windows OS?

And, Dear tomozaemon, did you solve this?

Re: Solverinfo :Error :Z88Arion

Verfasst: Di 11. Jan 2022, 22:09
von aK20
Can you check, if the file is availble after the solver has finished and before you close the solver status window?