Anisotropic - ABD Matrix

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Anisotropic - ABD Matrix

Beitrag von freshwuzhere »

I am enjoying to get to know Z88Aurora but have 2 questions:-

1/. Is there (or could there be) possibility of entering material properties of anisotropic materials such as composite or steel reinforce concrete. The A,B,D matrices are easily generated and I think produced (with many zeros) for isotropic materials for solving now.

2/. In the post-processing output there is no mention of strain (stress, displacement etc are all well supported). Although this is possible to back calculate from the available data (I think) - I thought strain was an intrinsic output and am surprised it isn't included since it is probably within the solver solution perhaps requiring some manipulation to produce.

Thanks for a very interesting project.
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Re: Anisotropic - ABD Matrix

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Hello freshwuzhere,

1) anisotropic materials are not yet supported in Z88.

2) strain output is also not included. However, there might be a chance to use a z88Arion solver in a Z88Aurora project. Further information about the z88Arion solvers can be found in the respective manuals.

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