clicking nodes does not react

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clicking nodes does not react

Beitrag von jose »


I downloaded and installed Z88 Aurora V5 on an Ubuntu 64 on dual-core processor hardware.

I am training to use it importing structures from FreeCad.

Importing and so on working well.

I am training importing a bar with square section of 10x10mm long 80mm.

Inside Aurora I had two problems:

• When I get to the step selecting nodes to apply constraints, clicking the mouse on a node, the node does not react. How the structure it is so simple I have defined a few numbers of nodes, I can input the numbers of the nodes I want to constrain manually. It is impossible to do it in a complex structure with a large numbers of nodes;

• I have not understood how to do to apply a load not distributed but localized at an extremity of the bar e.g. in Z direction;

Any idea?


Ermenegildo Jose Pecorari
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Re: clicking nodes does not react

Beitrag von TillBudde »

Hello jose,

The selection of nodes for the creation of sets (and therefore the creation of boundary conditions) is described in the "Picking" Section of the Z88Aurora User Guide.

In short you first enter the picking menu by clicking on the icon.
Then you may select a single node by pressing CTRL + left mouse button on the node.
Area selection can be achieved by clicking Alt + left mouse button and then dragging the mouse.
Other modes of selection, such as surface or edge selection, are described in the linked manual.

Kind Regards
Till Budde