Z88Aurora V5 released

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Z88Aurora V5 released

Beitrag von SHautsch »

Dear friends of Z88,

today our new version Z88Aurora V5 was released - bringing to you enhanced postprocessing features and the new thermal boundary condition convection.

Here you can find the releasenotes.

You can download the new version Z88Aurora V5 here.

Have fun trying it out! If you have questions or problems, please open a new thread in the forum.
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Re: Z88Aurora V5 released

Beitrag von Dave »

Hello z88 community.

This is my first post in this forum so it's better to present myself.

I'm Dave from Pisa (Italy) i work as senior (cad/cam) wood furniture marine design.

My job is to translate ideas from cad to reality. This is the one and only tricky part, who do a similar job knows what i'm talking about.

From time to time i like to learn new tools, new programs, new things that can help me in some cases to do my job.

I do love the open source scenary, i learned about z88 existence in my Freecad exploration.

I do love z88 as i do love Freecad.

I know how much effort the developers had put through all these years.
And i thank you all for sharing all this knowledge and power to everyone.

This said,

I feel that is right to suggest, to z88 admins and developers, to PLEASE consider to switch to another main language.

I know that mostly of you are germans.
But it's nowdays acceptable to think the world is speaking english.

I do wanted to try the new version of Arion but i couldn't download it as the only avalaible version as today is in german language.

I think it's right to say that it should be english first, and the other languages to follow up within a modular translation mechanism which, i'm sure, the community will plenty fullfill.

pssss.(in the forum too!)

-in case u'r asking, i'm volunteering as the italian translator- (from english of course...)

These are my two cents. Please my words are not intended to offend anyone's work.

Keep it rollin' friends.

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Re: Z88Aurora V5 released

Beitrag von CLange »

Hey Dave,

thank you for your feedback. We are glad you like z88!

But you're wrong. Z88Arion is available in english, too! After installation of Z88Arion you can go
"Tools" >> "Optionen" >> "Allgemein" >> "Sprache" and select "English". Z88Arion will restart and the GUI will be changed to english. But you are right, the information on our website is outdated. We will update as soon as possible. However, the user guide has not been translated, yet. We therefore ask for a little patience :)