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vom manonB
I'm new to Z88 and I was wondering if there is any way to define a user material like for example the UMAT subroutine of Abaqus. Would it be possible to use the same UMAT file ? Or is there another specific way of doing that in Z88?

Thanks in advance,
vom CLange
Hello Manon,

you can specifiy your specific material properties in the material database (Click on the button "Add" in the administration section). However, using UMAT is not possible.

Best regards,
vom manonB
Hello Christopher,

thanks for your answer. So at the moment there is no possibility to define your own material model ? Such as hyperelastic for example ? Just linear elastic and elastic-plastic ?

Best regards,
vom chgl
Hello Manon,

unfortunately, it is currently not possible to define your own material models.

Best regards

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