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vom selopez
Aurora Team

Congratulations for the launch of F88 / Aurora V4. Certainly, the incorporation of the contact force analysis module is a great step forward and will be very useful in my FEA studies.

I have already done the tutorials for the use of the contact module and I have the following questions:

1. Can more than two parts be analyzed?
2. Can different materials be assigned to different parts?
3. Do you plan to produce any literature in order to better understand the contact variables?

Thank you very much for your attention and, again, congratulations for this new achievement.

Sergio López
vom SHautsch
Dear selopez,

thanks for your compliments on our new version!

Regarding your questions:
1. Yes, as long as the parts in contact are alternating master/slave, that is possible (for example one part is in contact with two other parts, where these two other parts are NOT in contact with each other). See theory guide page 127. The automatic contact search only works between master and slave, not between master/master or slave/slave!

2. Yes, you can assign different materials for different parts. You should also be able to use different materials in one part.

3. The contact variables are no special Z88Aurora contact variables, they should be described in the standard FEM/math literature. More info in theory guide page 127-129.

Kind regards,
vom chgl
Hello selopez,

first thank you very much for the congratulations on Z88Aurora V4.

Concerning your questions:

Can more than two parts be analyzed?
Yes, there is no limit to the number of parts which are analyzed. You must consider the master/slave concept only.

Can different materials be assigned to different parts?
I can answer this question with 'yes' too. After you generated an element-set for the parts, it is possible to assigne different materials from the material database.

Do you plan to produce any literature in order to better understand the contact variables?
Currently, it is not planned to produce any additional literature. But the theory and user guide of Z88Aurora V4 provides a good explanation, also regarding the first two questions.

Many thanks once again and we wish you a lot of fun with Z88.
vom selopez
Dears Mr Hautsch and Mr chgl

Thank you very much for your answers. I must confess that when I sent my questions I had not yet checked the theoretical guides. This was probably due to my anxiety for applying the new contact module of Aurora V4.

Receive my best regards and, again, my congratulations for your work.
vom SHautsch
Dear selopez,

no problem at all - just fire your questions at us, we love to support our users wherever we can :mrgreen:

Kind regards,
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