Command line results not visible in Post Processor

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Command line results not visible in Post Processor

Beitrag von phb3 »

Viele Grüße Auora team !

After running Z88 Auora solver from the command line, the results are invisible to the Z88 Aurora interactive window.


z88ag2ri.exe 2 1 workingdir
z88rs.exe -t -parao
z88rs.exe -c -parao

The console log reports the same text as running interactively, and the memory usage and CPU time seem to be about the same, at least by eye to the task manager.

The results from the command line run is different from the interactive run, in that command line runs:
do not delete the converted input files, and
they do not produce the 3 binary files, Z88are.bny, z88ari.bny and z88arn.bny

Otherwise the results give the appearance of being quite similar in overall structure,
although I have not yet reviewed the numbers (I'm hoping to use the post processor for that :D)

I'm sure I'm missing some small point, and very much appreciate your help in making the results available to the post processor.

Sehr vielen Dank für Ihre freundliche Hilfe und Rücksichtnahme .

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Re: Command line results not visible in Post Processor

Beitrag von SHautsch »

Hallo phb3 :D

Let me explain you how our software package works:
  • Z88Aurora.exe is the GUI of Z88Aurora
  • z88r(s).exe is the (parallelized) linear solver including CHOLESKY, PARDISO, SICCG, SORCG and uses z88i*.txt input files
  • z88ag2ri.exe is the converter from Aurora GUI preprocessor to z88r(s)-input, it converts the structure and sets files to z88i*.txt, etc.
  • z88ro2ag.exe is the converter from z88r(s)-output to Aurora GUI postprocessor, it converts the z88o*.txt files to the binary files
  • ...and so on :mrgreen:
So you just need to add the z88ro2ag.exe to your script and the binary files for Z88Aurora will be generated.

Please let us know if you experience any problems and we will try to solve them.

Kind regards,