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vom peripero
i have been trying for a while to create 2D model and exsport DXF file to z88aurora , but i failed. :? i reffered to theory manual page 67 for guidline. can someone make a video for the tutorial? it will be very helpful. thnks :D
vom mz15
Hello peripero,

in theory manual is individually explained step by step. So it should still work.

vom peripero
i have follow the steps given carefully and when i try to import ,there was an error.
in the z88.log
## Z88.DXF for Z88NI.TXT wrong : ##
## identical nodes in element(s)...stop##

what does that mean? :shock:
vom peripero
sometimes the error says "Error in dxf file, identifier z88i1.txt not found.
vom ccad
Hello peripero,

how to prepare the AutoCAD drawing for use in Z88Aurora is descriped in the Theory Manual of Z88Aurora with great care starting from page 67. However, transferring AutoCAD DXF files to Z88 (both Z88Aurora & Z88V14OS) is a bit tricky because AutoCAD files feature only unstructured data giving positively no informations for the FE calculation:
- prepare the AutoCAD drawing in a special way, i.e. add the node and element informations. See pg. 67
- if you want to transfer a FE structure, see pg.75
- if you want to transfer a super structure, see pg. 85

To have a full example, download the open source Z88V14OS. See the first example "Fork Wrench" in the manual of Z88V14OS and load the file z88x.dxf into your AutoCAD program (--> Z88V14OS/EXAMPLES/B1). Thus, you'll get an idea how to proceed.
It is also very important that you use a genuine AutoCAD from Autodesk - there are many drawing programs around which state that they can file DXF files but these files are not fully compatible to the AutoCAD guidelines for DXF files. And be sure to store the files in AutoCAD R12 format.

The DXF converter of Z88 is very well well tested and runs fine but its success depends from the proper preparation of your DXF file.


Prof. Rieg
vom peripero
thanks for the feedback sir.

i notice in the example provided in z88, every dxf file comes with several .txt.
for example; in z88auroraV2,example b1 there is z88.dxf,z88control.txt,z88i1.txt,z88i2.txt and etc.
if i create a dxf file from autocad,how am i going to create those text file?

tq in advance
vom ccad
Hello peripero,

1. You must provide a DXF file, say peripero.dxf, either for direct input (see example 1 in the Z88V14 manual; the converter Z88X converts your DFX file into Z88I1.TXT, Z88I2.TXT & Z88I5.TXT) or for the mapped mesher Z88N (example 2; the converter Z88X converts your DFX file containing a super structure into Z88NI.TXT and runs then the mapped mesher Z88N resulting in a FE structure).
2. Every genuine AutoCAD version starting from 1998 up to now works. If in doubt choose AutoCAD R12 for the export format.


Prof. Rieg
vom peripero
hello dear z88 team,

for example, i have made the dxf file, ex. peripero.dxf..where should i locate the file? because i notice that z88x.exe in z88v14os (dxf converter) does not have the "add" button. so i wonder when i run the converter,which dxf file will be convert.

for your info i am currently doing the analysis of butt-joint welding and the analysis required a 2D model. what i am trying to do is just a 2D rectangle model to export into z88Aurora. thanks in advance for your precious time replying to me.
vom FRudolph
Hello peripero,

you have to locate your dxf file into the working directory.
Generally this means that the dxf-file and the executable file (z88x.exe) of the dxf-converter have to be in the same directory. As default the directory should be C:\z88v14os\bin\win64.
I hope this will help you.


vom peripero
when i tried to convert z88x.dxf to z88ni.txt , an error "Z88X.DXF for Z88NI.TXT : first input group missing or wrong " what is that mean..?
vom mifris
Hello peripero,

that`s right. Only one file should be in the directory. If there are two, the converter doesn`t know which file he should use.
The error you got, means that there is an error in your dxf-file. The converter tries to write a new z88ni-file but he couldn`t. It is very important that this file has the right structure. For further informations please look at the theory-manual at page 32f (C:\Z88AuroraV2\docu\en\theoryguide.pdf) and the userguide.

Best regards
M. Frisch
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