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vom Inquisitor
In my current project, the structure’s weight is significant to the loading. I couldn’t see hand calculating it as a solution. So I’ve written a little utility (Z88Assistant) that reads the Z88 files for nodal, element, section and material properties and then generates nodal forces to simulate the accelerations. I've validated it against closed-form, cantilever solutions and it matches for all significant digits.

Its limitations: It only works for Beams and Trusses. It’s written in C#.NET and requires your Windows machine to support .NET. Here is the executable.

I’ve also included the source code, in case you would be interested in porting it to Mac’s and Linux or to add support for other elements.

Good luck.
vom SHautsch
Dear zschramm,

as this Z88Assistant is a community contribution, we do not know about the current status or availability. You could try to send a private message to Inquisitor and hope his email is still working, so he will get a notification and probably reply to your request.

I will have a look if one of my colleagues downloaded this Z88Assistant and has it still on his harddrive - but the odds are long :cry:

Kind regards,
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