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Neues FEA-Buch erschienen!

BeitragVerfasst:Di 11. Sep 2012, 09:00
von auroraIco
Liebe Forumsuser,

das FEA-Buch ist endlich in der 4. Auflage erschienen. Jetzt mit Z88Aurora V2 in30 verschiedenen Beispielen und 24 Beispielen für Z88V14. Beide Versionen und alle Beispieldateien liegen natürlich auch als DVD dem Buch bei: ... 949&sr=8-1

Grüße, Aurora_ico

Re: Neues FEA-Buch erschienen!

BeitragVerfasst:Mo 29. Okt 2012, 14:16
von Sebastian
Interesting. Will there ever be an English version?

Re: Neues FEA-Buch erschienen!

BeitragVerfasst:Do 8. Nov 2012, 09:24
von mifris
Hello Sebastian,

we will work on it. 8)

Best regards,
M. Frisch

Re: Neues FEA-Buch erschienen!

BeitragVerfasst:Di 13. Nov 2012, 11:19
von Sebastian
Great stuff :D Keep us updated here...

Re: Neues FEA-Buch erschienen!

BeitragVerfasst:Di 4. Dez 2012, 15:14
von auroraIco
The first chapters are already translated :D

greetings aurora_ico

Re: Neues FEA-Buch erschienen!

BeitragVerfasst:So 30. Dez 2012, 20:37
von finzi
The English version will include a description of Z88V14 code?

Re: Neues FEA-Buch erschienen!

BeitragVerfasst:So 30. Dez 2012, 23:58
von mz15

yes, some individual sections will be explained.


Re: Neues FEA-Buch erschienen!

BeitragVerfasst:Mo 25. Mär 2013, 20:54
von TAH1712
Is there any news of an English translation of Prof. Frank Riegs recent book -FEA for engineers 4th edition.
There was a discussion with your publishers, about a possible English version being available sometime around the end of 2012.
Is there any update on that?
Regards and a big 'thank you' for version v2a. The accelerated process computations are extremely helpful.

Re: Neues FEA-Buch erschienen!

BeitragVerfasst:Di 26. Mär 2013, 16:06
von FRudolph
Hello TAH1712,

as you know there are more than 600 pages and several figures. To translate all these pages is very time consuming. We work on it but until we have finished please be patient.

With kind regards


Re: Neues FEA-Buch erschienen!

BeitragVerfasst:Di 26. Mär 2013, 20:46
von TAH1712
Hello FRudolph - WOW 600 pages. Gee, that's too many to read yet alone translate :shock: !

Of course I will be very patient... without any doubt in that case :) .

In the mean time i will purchase the German book as its a reasonable cost and obviously very good value.

There are many excellent , really excellent German text books unavailable in the English language and somehow these days, i would have expected a reasonable / acceptable software version could be almost perfectly transcribed automatically by a mouse click in many languages. I guess, somewhere that's being worked on.

Regards and thanks for the update and also, the constant work on Aurora FEA.

Cheers.. Tim.

Re: Neues FEA-Buch erschienen!

BeitragVerfasst:Fr 29. Mär 2013, 15:10
von mifris
Hello Tim,

of course we had the same idea to use a software to translate from german into english. The problem is, there are to many technical terms, the software translates wrong. Therefore we do both. Translate by our own and sometimes using a software. But what a software can`t do for us, is to make screenshots and pictures...
We really try to do our very best to be as fast as possible! :D

Best regards,
M. Frisch

Re: Neues FEA-Buch erschienen!

BeitragVerfasst:Mo 1. Apr 2013, 20:50
von TAH1712
Hello M. Frisch - may i call you 'M'.

Anyway, thank you for the further explanation in translating the Profs book. Yes, i can see clearly
the big problem of screenplots and pictures etc. and it is not, the most interesting of work to do either - well it wouldn't be for me. I would be very pleased to cross the marathon finish line, but, to do the run without a cheering crowd... not easy at all.

Any Other Business.. well, i feel like a type- please forgive me. :)
With the release of V2a i'm amazed at the speed increase!
I haven't been using the Pardiso solver before the advent V2a but now as i gain experiance with Aurora, i experiment a little more and more.

I'm staggered to find that Pardiso solver is x 14 faster than V2a SICCG with the same results! The theory manual says SICCG is 'fast' and Pardiso is 'very fast'. Please change that to ' MIND BLOWINGLY FAST' or 'SWOOSHHH' or 'SNAP' or 'PRONTO'.
I'm working on a normal core2 duo 32bit win7 4gb platform with complicated, feature rich, machine parts with holes, cross holes, small chamfers and fillets etc. - yes, all the small features left in(!) and not removed and still it computes in JUST.......26 secs. :shock: I expect 30 minutes, not 26 secs.

26 SECONDS! *********************THAT'S JUST AMAZING!***********************

However, as a word of caution here, i import .stl into aurora from the Netgen meshing process as proposed by superuser 'selopez'. :wink: It works for me everytime and the upfront effort pays back massively. For anyone 'having issues' with .stl or .stp importation, or with how Aurora makes a mesh, i would
recommend experimenting with the procedure as it has completely changed my experience with FEA for the better.
For anyone who doesn't have importation issues.. well, i wish i had your CAD software. Mine is 5 years old now!

I see 'FBook' likes are steadily increasing and rightly so.

Thank you M and thanks to all the Aurora team. I'm a very happy Easter Bunny.. :D

Regards. Tim.

Re: Neues FEA-Buch erschienen!

BeitragVerfasst:Mi 3. Apr 2013, 13:24
von auroraIco
Many thanks!

The developer Team :D