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vom timgow
I'm seeking a suitable method of applying a lateral pin load within a hole, e.g. a shackle pin within a padeye or clevis. A common method for initial FEA study is to split the cylindrical bore surface to form a 60° sector that approximately represents the contact patch for a close fitting pin (of course dependent on material elastic modulus, material thickness and shape).
Is there a method that compels the Z88 Arion (Netgen) pre-processor to respect a face present on a .STEP geometry (so that the distributed load may be applied to the desired surface patch)?
I haven't so far tried meshing outside of Arion and importing, but this looks like the reserve solution.
kind regards,
Tim Gowing
Enjoying Z88 Arion 8-)
vom SHautsch
Hi Tim,

unfortunately you cannot easily pick a sector of a hole. And in my opinion, tweaking Netgen won't help you either...you will still have to pick the respective element surfaces or nodes using our picking functionality, which only works on mesh features, not geometry features. So the best trick you could do is use this workflow:
1. pick the whole hole surface and create a mark
2. orient your part so that the hole lies in the screen plane (using the X-Y / X-Z / Y-Z icons) - only works if your hole is oriented in one of the coordinate axes
3. use the rotate icon to rotate your part by the desired angle
4. click on the first mark (nodes/surfaces get selected in viewport) and use SHIFT+LMB for a deselection frame and get rid of all nodes/surfaces from the first mark which you do not need - then add another mark, rotate again and repeat the deselection

Bit of manual work, but this should be the easiest way. I attached a project where you can see how I would rotate and deselect (deselection areas saved as marks - if I would've deselected, you wouldn't see a thing :lol: ).

I hope that helps...if not, please let us know so we can work on another solution.

Kind regards,
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vom timgow
Thank you for providing the example and spending the time. I hadn't found the rotations function until your suggestion, that works very well.
I have another question, but will open a new topic.
kind regards,
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