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Hello everyone,
Im sorry but my knowledge of German is too bad, so I will try to write English.
I try to build the project contains three parts. Earlier I did separate parts in separate project folders and in next one I make a connection (contact active). But I can't set separate materials for the each part separately. The possibility is to use one material for all parts or nothing. In section Picking / select elements I have three sets but they are not visible in section material database / material sets. What am I doing wrong? Is it possible to do that? And another question. How, if I have three parts, set contact settings more then one active? Between 1 and 2 and next 2 and 3 parts.
Thanks for attention, and Im waiting for answer.
Good morning,

it is possible to choose different materials at a simulation with contact.

Therefore, you have to create element sets at the picking section by your own. The easiest way to do so, is the duplication of the predefined part sets.
Now, at the material database section you can deactivate “All elements” and at the list you find your individual element sets.

Kind regards,
Daniel Billenstein
It works! Thank You very much for Your advice. I have another question: is it possible to have more then two parts (I need three) in the contact project? How to model the contact zone between 3 parts? In the form Contact settings only one definition can be active. During calculation I have the error ### PARDISO error -1: input inconsistent ### and I suppose, propably, it is the contact definition problem.
Best regards
Hello Janusz,

it is possible to simulate the contact between multiple parts.
Refer to the sample project in the attachment.
There is one important restriction: You cannot model the contact between two slave or two master bodies.
In the sample project there are three cubes stacked in the order: Slave - Master - Slave.

Kind regards
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