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I am having two problems with a simple tube in bending moment. One I think is my lack of understanding with the program and the other just has me puzzled.

I have a very simple model with 2 tubes at right angles. One end is fully constrained and a load is applied at the junction.

problem 1: When I run the solver it returns a deflection of zero. If I shift node 3 so the angle is less than a right angle then I get valid results for deflection. This has me puzzled

Problem 2: When I get valid deflection results I do not get any stress results for the elements. I think this might be my lack of understanding of how to use the program.

As per the title I am a beginner to Aurora. Any suggestions appreciated

I have attached the contents of the project directory with the results for zero deflection.

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Dear RobinH,

the Shaft No. 5 has to be defined coincident with the global x-axis. It is shown in the element-library, but is not very obvious. For your structure I would recommend using the Beam No. 2, since it has the same degrees of freedom (dof) and the same mechanical properties while not being limited to the x-axis.
For structural elements like beams, trusses etc. the element stresses are not calculated (or rather: shown) for a number of reasons. You can calculate them manually though by looking at the output files generated after the solver has run: z88o4.txt in the project folder.

I hope this helps!

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