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vom selopez
Aurora Team

In order to get more resources for making FEA with AURORA, I developed a new meshing procedure. This time is for get E24 shells from IGES or STEP files, that´s to say from any CAD system. I attach some images that show the results. I'm rather sure that the method works but I'd like to send you the z88i1.txt (983 KB) for you to test it and, if all is OK, to share my conclusions with other AURORA users.

best regards
YS1.jpeg (55.15 KiB) 2454 mal betrachtet
YS3.jpeg (110.09 KiB) 2454 mal betrachtet
YS4.jpeg (103.86 KiB) 2454 mal betrachtet
vom mifris
Hello selopez,

this is awesome!!! Looks great. Please send us your z88i1.txt-file!!! (z88aurora(at)uni-bayreuth.de)
We will check this and then we let you know! :D

Best regards,

Michael Frisch
vom selopez
Mr. Frisch

Thank you very much for your interest.

I've already emailed you the z88i1.txt file of the "yellow shell-marine". I'll be waiting for your opinion.

Best regards.

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