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vom Haifisch
Hi, hello
I'm trying to automate a simulation case so I can set several load cases, So i set it up in the GUI and then run a base case, so I can get the internally generated files for z88r.exe tu run, and also I migrate some of the programs from the bin file so I don't have to run it from thereand all the result end up in the folder where all the .txt set files are. So the automation can be done as a file managin powershell script. So far I've been able to run it in test mode and get de z88r.dyn file but now I'm still missing one file. This file is called *.txt. This file has a name that can't be manully generated at least not in a 64 bit windows. What can I do to solve this issue? :mrgreen: :mrgreen:
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vom chgl

it looks like a faulty material definition.
First you need a z88mat.txt, which refers to the material file. The file z88mat.txt is structured as you see it in the attached file (z88mat.jpg). The first line indicates the number of material laws (1). The second line is structured as follows:
from element (1) - to element (80034) - *.txt

At this point *.txt is called r_1.txt.

The file r_1.txt contains the material data. The file r_1.txt is structured as you see it in the attached file (r_1.jpg).
The first number is the Young's modulus, the second number is the Poisson's ratio.

Best regards
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