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vom ventsdunord

What a huge progress since early version Z88 - 12! Congratulations.

I've installed Z88 Aurora under windows XP - 32 bits.
I can run Aurora, create new files, import geometries etc. etc. until results which come apparently fine.
However, I can't reopen the project afterwards.
In the project information pane, I can read details about the file, everything seems to be there, but after validiting file name, I get an error message stating no files in the folder.
What's wrong?
Tks for your advise.

vom auroraIco
Hi ventsdunord,

sorry within the general x-mas madness I've missed your question. Probably our allocated paths don't fit with your systems settings. We have tested Aurora under an English Windows 7 without any problems. Please try to create a new project and import the text files (i1 for structure, i2 for boundary conditions, e g). Does this work? Then we have to fix this bug immediately.

Kind regards,


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