Ubuntu 12.04 (english)

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Ubuntu 12.04 (english)

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Dear Z88-user,

having finished the first tests of Ubuntu 12.04, we found out that the STEP-import misses the library libTKFillet.so.0. This library is no longer supported by the system and therefore, it has to be added to the install directory of Z88Aurora V2. The install directory z88aurorav2/bin/suse64 already contains libTKFillet.so.0. So either you use this directory for starting Z88Aurora V2 by the corresponding script aurorastartv2, or you copy libTKFillet.so.0 from z88aurorav2/bin/suse64 to z88aurorav2/bin/ubuntu64 and use the default directory z88aurorav2/bin/ubuntu64 for starting.

Yours sincerely

Christoph Wehmann