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vom opala.artur
Z88Aurora fails in Ubuntu 11.04 amd 64
Z88Aurora: Status: started
All memory allocated: 846 MB

(z88aurora:9141): Gtk-CRITICAL **: IA__gtk_main_quit: assertion `main_loops != NULL' failed
Please help!
vom mifris
Dear opala.artur,

at the moment it is possible to download Z88Aurora only for Ubuntu 9.04 and 10.04. We tested our Software with Ubuntu 11.04 and got similar failures. Yet, we don´t know why but we suggest that Ubuntu 11.04 has some new function which aren´t compatible with our Software.

Best regards,

Michael Frisch
vom wehmann
Dear opala.artur,

we have finished our tests on Ubuntu 11.04 and yesterday, we released a new version called Z88 Aurora V1b. The reason, why Z88 Aurora fails on your system, is that the required fonts aren't available. Now, you have two possibilities: You can install the updates of Ubuntu 11.04 and use Z88 Aurora V1a or you can install the new version of Z88 Aurora, Z88 Aurora V1b. The last possibility has a significant advantage: Z88 Aurora V1b contains its own fonts and thus, similar problems with future versions and updates of Ubuntu won't appear. If these actions don't solve your problem, don't hesitate to ask.

Best regards,

Christoph Wehmann

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