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vom Alexvader

I wish to download the Z88 Aurura binary *deb for x86_64 architecture...

What download link can I use...?


vom harrieva
I'm interested too!
vom Troll
Dear Alexvader,
dear harrieva,

unfortunately a debian package for Z88 Aurora cannot be downloaded yet.

At the moment we are doing the last tests on a package for Debian based
distributions. (To make sure install and uninstall are clean)
When everything works out, there will be a z88AuroraV1.deb on line in
a few days. It will support x86_64 respectively amd64 architectures.
Testing is done for Ubuntu/Kubuntu (9.04 LTS and 10.04 LTS) and Debian 5.05.

As soon as we get clearance the new package should be available. We will make an announcement when this happens.



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