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vom oystein.ikdahl
My PC is running Lion and I have trouble installing Z88A as the installation halt when it starts running the installation scripts, - is it possible or do I have to wait for an updated version compatible with Lion?

vom Z81
Dear oystein.ikdahl,

thank you for your interest in Z88 Aurora. We're currently testing the Lion Version, and it seems to work. :D
Until we can release the adapted Z88Aurora-version, here is how to fix it:

1. Install the GTK4Z88-package from out homepage
2. Install the current version Z88Aurora V1b package from our homepage
3. Ignore the "Installation failed message"
4. Open a finder and switch to your home directory, where you should find a folder named z88aurorav1
5. Switch to subfolder bin\mac\
6. Rename z88_en.dyn to z88.dyn
7. Rename z88_enviro_en.dyn to z88_enviro.dyn
8. Delete z88_de.dyn and z88_enviro_de.dyn
9. Doubleclick aurorastart

And this should do the trick. Please tell me if it worked.

Best regards and good luck,
vom oystein.ikdahl
Thank you -that worked, however when I try to mesh I get the following in terminal :

Start Netgen ...
cp: //netgen: No such file or directory
sh: ./netgen: No such file or directory
cp: z88i1.txt: No such file or directory
End Netgen

Same problem with Tetgen.

And the bottom status line in the Z88 window says: "Error at meshing - look at log-file or check path to module"

The modules seems to be in typical path like "/Users/OIk/z88aurorav1/addons/netgen/mac"
There are no "z88i1.txt" in the project folder - however there is a "z88i1_stl.txt"

vom Z81
Hi there,

I'm glad it worked so far. If the Addon-Modules like Netgen/Tetgen/Geocon don't work properly,
you'll have to adjust their respective paths (so you're right on that).
Click on the menubar > Help > Options > Paths and select the following




In your case, replace [homedirectory] by /Users/OIk/.

Secondly, there is no z88i1.txt as the meshing has not yet taken place, but the geometry is already
imported, indicated by the existing z88i1_stl.txt (although it is not shown). Just open your project
folder again with the changed paths; you'll see no structure but when you mesh the part (with the
existing z88i1_stl.txt in project folder), you'll see the meshed component.

Tell me if it worked. 8)

Good luck and best regards,
vom oystein.ikdahl
Correcting the path solved the no such file issue for tetgen and netgen, however I still cannot mesh:

Start Tetgen ...
sh: ./tetgen: is a directory
cp: z88i1.txt: No such file or directory
End Tetgen

Also when trying to open the samples from the help menu "preview closes unexpectedly" and no sample opened.

I also get Gtk warnings in terminal, but as it seems the GUI updates correctly I have not listed them here. Let me know if you want me to PM you.
vom Z81
Hi oystein.ikdahl,

to be able to grant remote help, please send me the following files from your /z88aurorav1/bin/mac folder:
and if they already exist:
and z88o.log

Please send your data to

I am sure we can solve this, as Z88Aurora V1b (the one you have) is already running under Mac OS X Lion
on our test computers.

Best regards,
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