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vom LuisG
Hi, I'm student of mechtronics engineering and I found your software, it looks interesting and I want to use it, I have a macbook and I installed everything, I have a problem when I want to start the program it shows me this window: ... /lightbox/
What I'm doing wrong or what I have to do ?
I use xQuartz not x11 maybe that's the reason? I doubt it.
Hope the answers, thanks.

EDIT: I was checking the forum, and I read a similar case with 'Danilo' I change the font from Arial to Times too, and it works :D hope everyone who has the problem read this or Danilo's problem.
vom LuisG
Hi Z81, I'm learning now the software and it's amazing but I have a complain, here in my macbook I re-installed aurora like 4 times because I use it and after a while it stops working :? it's weird, in terminal there's a sentence it says something about invalid statements, I don't know why this problem is happening.
I hope you have the answer :D
have a nice day.
vom Z81
Hi LuisG,

well, I'll try my very best. Therefore some questions:
Could you quote the terminal message exactly?
Did the problem happen after a certain type of action (e.g. every time you click
one special button, something like that)?
What version of Mac OS / MacBook (processor, etc.) do you have?
Did you install and execute Z88 Aurora as admin (perhaps it's some kind of writing rights problem)?

Best regards,

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