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Importing of nastran *.bdf file

Verfasst: Do 25. Apr 2013, 12:01
von frans
Hello Aurora team

I have 1 very small bug.
when selecting a nastran file the file extension filter not switchable from *.nas to *.bdf.
i work around by changing *.bdf to *.nas in the windows explorer.

so not a big thing, but something for a new version..


Re: Importing of nastran *.bdf file

Verfasst: Sa 27. Apr 2013, 21:14
von mz15
Hello frans,

this is not really an bug. A Nastran is not always the same in all cases as a BDF file. Therefore, the import of BDF data can not be assured. If it works for you, so much the better. But we do not have an extra converter. Therefore, only the NASTRAN format.