Mistakes/inconsistancy in Aurora 2a documentation

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Mistakes/inconsistancy in Aurora 2a documentation

Beitrag von ivr »

1. In the "User Manual" (p.6) one can find information that the program can be installed on Windows Vista or Windows 7. On-line documentation states that Windows XP can be used too. Please unify this information.

2. According to the "User Manual" (part 4.1, p. 16), a user can rearrange toolbars via changes in the z88enviro.dyn file. Every my attempt to introduce changes in the toolbars related section of this file led to program crash with the following error message:

Code: Alles auswählen

Gtk:ERROR:gtktoolbar.c:2262:logical_to_physical: assertion failed: (logical == 0)
BTW, after each program crash splash screen remained active. To kill it one have to use Process Explorer. My OS is Windows XP SP3 with all upgrades installed.

3. Contrary to the information in the same section of the "User Manual" changes of the toolbars visibility made via View/Setup are permanent, not session-oriented. Unfortunately, "View" item of the menu is inactive when the program starts. So, to change toolbars visibility a user needs either to open the existing project or start a new one and insert at least one point via preprocessor. IMO, toolbar arrangement is a typical initial configuration activity and should be possible when the program starts.

4. File 2.pdf in the docu\en\spider folder still contains German names for the element types.

5. Header of the odd pages of the "Theory Manual" is "Theorie Manual", even pages have proper header with incorrect formatting. BTW, why the name of the PDF-file of the "User Manual" is userguide.pdf (ditto for Theory Manual)? Is it a tradition (sort of) :D ?

6. There is a very strange figure on the p. 98 of the Theory Manual with improper number (2). There are no figures 28 and 29 in this manual at all.

7. Figure 45 of the Theory Manual is in German.

The program is extremely useful and intuitive, however. Thank you very mush for your work!

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Re: Mistakes/inconsistancy in Aurora 2a documentation

Beitrag von wehmann »

Dear ivr,

thank you for your hints. We will correct the things. We are pleased about your interest in Z88!

Best regards,
Christoph Wehmann