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vom Ragnar

I am in the middle of testing Z88 and its usage for potential professional applications, such as:

- Analyses for the offshore oil and gas industry. Typical uses are mooring analysis, towing analysis, and subsea crane operations including slamming by surface penetration

- Time domain simulations, calculating the interaction between stiff and flexible components of different materials, cross sections and elasticity.

- Coupled analysis of larger systems combining mooring lines, membrane and net structures, flexible floating systems and stiff superstructures.

I can see the developer version only is for linear analysis..

How stabile is Z88 aurora and can it be used fully professional for such applications?

Kind regards

vom Ragnar
I have found the answer by reading the userguide. It says "Z88 is a software for static problems"
The nature of my problems are dynamically. (wave dynamics, wind loads ...) So I suppose I cannot use Z88 for those applications!


vom DGoller
Hi Ragnar,

yes you're right, at this stage Z88 can only be used for static simulations. However a dynamic module is in development and likely integrated one day. So it's worth to stay up to date.

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