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vom wohenke
Hi Aurora team,
I'm trying to analyse the effect of thin film stress on a substrate. Since the thin film thickness is
negligible as compared to the substrate thickness I was intending to impose a surface stress on
the substrate material. In ANSYS this can be done with the INISTATE command.
For Aurora I don't find anything equivalent to what the INISTATE mechanism does.
Now here is my question: would you know any workaround for imposing stress to only the
surface of a structure in Aurora?
Many thanks and kind regards
vom MNeidnicht
Hello wohenke,

at the moment we support just three kinds of boundary conditions: fixations, pressures and forces. Any other types of loads must be combined from these. Initial stresses are not explicitly offered now. But in my opinion it has to be possible, to convert them into equivalent node-forces?! Surely it would be necessary to generate some code. :| We think over such features for our next version.

Remark: In general there is no problem to select only the surface nodes (for forces) or faces (for pressures). The easiest way to get them is to use the angle-controlled selection mode.

Martin Neidnicht
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