Orthotropic / Anisotropic Material Properties

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Orthotropic / Anisotropic Material Properties

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I see that you are working on non-linear material properties. Can you tell me if linear orthotropic or fully anisotropic linear material properties using at least the 6x6 stiffness matrix are coming to your shells, plates and/or solids? I would like to be able to design thin walled structures using laminates of carbon, Kevlar and/or fiberglass in non-quasi-isotropic laminations.


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Re: Orthotropic / Anisotropic Material Properties

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Dear Inquisitor,

we are not working on anisotropic material models, neither linear anisotropic nor nonlinear anisotropic models. Concerning nonlinear material models, we are working on isotropic plasticity models with nonlinear hardening. Maybe this will be a future project, but at the moment there is no development of anisotropic models.

Best regards

Christoph Wehmann