Infos zur Ergebnisinterpretation, Darstellung und Auswertung /
Info about results, visualisation and evaluation

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vom mturcios

I was analysing a model and realised I need to get information about the individual stress components in my results. I don't see a way to do this in the current postprocessor, but perhaps I didn't/can't see it.

I know Z88Aurors can output the results to file, but going through a text file send like a lot of trouble. Does the Z88O postprocessor show stress components? How can I show the stress components?
vom ChriDin
Good morning mturcios,

unfortunately, it is not possible to visualize individual stress components in Aurora. As you already know, you can analyze the file z88o3.txt to see the value of individual stresses. Maybe you can open this file with Excel (or something like this) in order to prepare the text file for your purpose.

Kind regards

vom mturcios
Hmm, that is unfortunate. I am going to ask the developers if visualizing stress components is a possible feature for the future. I know there would be some issues with going from different dimensions and coordinate systems, but being able to post-process individual stress components would give a huge boost to Z88 with relatively small investment as very little work needs to be done.
vom SHautsch
Dear mturcios,

we will keep that in mind and maybe provide this feature with an upcoming version if Z88Aurora - but we can't promise that :wink:

Kind regards,
vom mturcios
Thanks for looking into that SHautsch. It really would be convenient as we may desire to do further analysis with on a particular stress component. Not only in the visual post-processor, but also as an option in the output data (along with node locations, displacements, etc).

But anyway, thank you for the wonderful software, it really has been of great use.

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