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vom Serchu

I'm starting to use Z88 Aurora v3 comming from another solvers (Abaqus and NX Nastran mainly), so I'm little confused with the variable names in the postprocessor. Which will be the names for:

Von Misses Stress
Max. Principal Stress
Min. Principal Stress
Plastic Strain

Also, is there the possibility of getting the stress/strain/displacement value of one node by picking in the screen?

Best Regards
vom SHautsch
Hello Serchu,

translations are always difficult, especially for us as german native speakers :D
Unfortunately we cannot (yet) provide everything a commercial FEM system does, but we are listening to our users and will enhance our features with upcoming versions.

other FEM Systems:
Von Misses Stress
Max. Principal Stress
Min. Principal Stress
Plastic Strain

Z88Aurora V3:
Von Mises Stress: are easy to find as we also call them von Mises stresses (You have to select the failure theory in the solver submenu. The solver calculates the equivalent stresses for the postprocessor, which can only display equivalent stresses! Von Mises is the default value, but you can choose Rankine or Tresca as well or no reduced stress at all.)

Min. / Max. Principal Stress: = principal stresses are not calculated. You can only view the stresses in the three axis directions (SIGXX, SIGYY, SIGZZ) and the shear stresses (TAUXY, TAUYZ, TAUZX) in the output file Z88O3.TXT in your project folder.

Strain: is not displayed or written to output files. You can only view deformations (in the postprocessor or in the output file Z88O2.txt in your project folder).

Plastic Strain: same as with strain, only deformations can be displayed (in the postprocessor or in the output file Z88NLO2.txt in your project folder).

Kind regards,

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