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vom ejat
hello...i'm fyp student. Right now my task is related with z88 software. I need to investigate the fatigue life method of welded structure by using 3common method. One of the method,i need to see the stress at certain node. for example stress at 10mm from the weld toe and 20mm from the weld toe. In the simulation i was done to display the node number by click the nodal number icon. For example 1-10. So, it will display the node number 1 until 10 before apply constraint. The problem is, when i do my calculation the node number was display before not show in the postprocessor.
my question: How i want to keep the node number display in postprocessor and and get a stress at 10mm from weld toe and 20mm from weld toe. This stress is important when i want to apply hotspot stress method by using 2 or 3 point formula and do an interpolation. can u help me??
vom auroraIco
Hello ejat,

at the moment, it isn´t possible to display node wise results in the postprocessor. Please take a look in the z88o3.txt. You will find all stress results for every element in this file. Go in the menu bar to "Postprocessor" and the check on z88o3.

For further informations, please have a look to the theory manual.

greetings, aurora_ico
vom ejat
okay...i was go to see the stress at z88o3.txt...there were many stress in many element types. How can i defined which stress belong to the node i was numbering before??can i know how long the distance between the 1 node to another node...anyways thanks for reply.. :D
vom mz15
Hello ejat,

the stress is calculated at the gausian point from en element. All other stesses are interpoations so the the stess at the corner nodes are the is the least accurate. The value of the stress is written down in der file z88o8.txt. To get the distance between to points you can use the mesasure tool. Click "Tools"->"Analysis".

Markus Zimmermann
vom ejat
okay...thanks for the answer...if i have any question i will ask again..thank you...
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