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Info about results, visualisation and evaluation

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1.) I work as a structural ingeneer and when I need to desing concrete, steel or wood bem, or frame, I need as resuts bending moments and shear forces (or support reactions) . How can I get these informations from Z88. I see, that there is very easy construct quite complicated strucutre in Z88, but how can I get from that geometry these results.
2.) When I aplied load on beam structure, I want use not only node forces (kN), but I want use on the beams forces on 1m length of the element (kN/m) . It is possible, or it will be possible
3.) By designing concrete slabs, as a results I need not only stresses but bending moments mx, my on the slab. What element should I use. I have read in theory book , that the best is plate 20, but there are any problems with meshing. Wha is the best, simple and safe way to find these results?
4.) By designing concrete structures I need to work In one file together with slabs (2d) and bems - columns (1d) and as results I can then have bending moments and shear forces at the columns (or support reactons in columns nodes). Is , or wil be in Z88 possible such modeling. If yes, when ?

Thank you for your answer. Last weeks I tried to find a good free FEM program and Iam very happy to find Z88.
Hello ferohladky

A majority of your questions can be answered with the theory manual.
Q1) The bending moments are at Z88o4.txt F (4) - F (6)
The shear forces are at Z88o4.txt F (1) - F (3)
Theory manual page 100 and following and page 89
Q2) For 2D elements in general is equivalent to the pressure boundary condition, for trusses and beams, the forces must be divide by hand. Theory manual page 35
Q3) All results that are written out in the theory manual listed on page 131 for element no 20
Q4) The combination of various elements is only possible by manual entry, not in the graphical interface. These have to match the degree of freedom. For this you use the version Z88V13

Yours sincerely,
Markus Zimmermann
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