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Info about results, visualisation and evaluation

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vom patrick
I have run a simple shell structue through Z88 Aurora (using element number 24), and I am trying to understand the output files .

For z88o2.txt, I assume U1, U2 and U3 are displacements in x, y, z. But what are U4, U5, U6?

For z88o4.txt (the nodal sums for each node), I assume F1, F2 and F3 are forces in x, y, z. But what are F4, F5, F6?

Below are some snippets from these files.

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output file Z88O2.TXT: displacements, computed by Z88R V14.0
Loadcase: 1
node           U(1)              U(2)              U(3)              U(4)              U(5)              U(6)

     1   +0.0000000E+000   +0.0000000E+000   +0.0000000E+000   -8.0833363E-004   +4.5609021E-004   +1.1383517E-006
     2   +1.8658044E-002   +5.0873483E-003   -4.1639032E-001   -7.1797109E-004   +1.7884777E-004   +2.5077511E-007

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output file Z88O4.TXT : nodal forces, computed by Z88R V14.0
#skip some stuff

the nodal sums for each node
  node       F(1)           F(2)           F(3)           F(4)           F(5)           F(6)

    1   +8.02366E+004  +4.84646E+004  +4.96441E+004  +1.35742E+000  -4.36183E+000  +3.45978E+000
    2   -6.89884E-002  +4.68024E-002  +7.23812E-004  +3.08274E+001  +5.76939E+000  +7.40426E+000

vom Z81
Dear Patrick,

as I may quote from the theory manual (page 138):
The first three degrees of freedom are the global displacements in X, Y and Z [U1, U2, U3].
The degrees of freedom 4 and 5 are the torsions on the respective node;
degree of freedom 6 is a pseudo-DOF without practical significance.
I hope that helped. For further questions, don't hesitate to ask.

Best regards,
vom patrick
Thanks - I did not see that bit in the theory guide.

What about Z88O4.TXT ?

I looked in the theory guide, and it says (on page 139):
"Nodal forces first for each element, then for each node."

I am wondering about this last bit - "then for each node". There are six values. Is this the same as the other file, i.e. 3 forces in x,y,z, 2 torsion forces, and one extra number without significance?
vom Z81
Dear Patrick,

the integrated nodal force processor of Z88 Aurora (Z88R) internally uses the calculated
deflections and stores the computed nodal forces in Z88O4.TXT.
But the "forces" of the DOF 4, 5 and 6 are really moments, because the DOF 4, 5 and 6
are the rotational DOFs.


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