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first of all thanks to the developers of Z88Aurora for making this remarkable software available for free to everybody.

I have recently started going through the examples of use, and have encountered these two problems (possibly related?):

1. It is very difficult to pick nodes with the mouse/touchpad: they do not get selected easily, even if I enlarge their marks and play with the "angle" option as suggested in the examples

2. trying to solve the above problem, I zoom into the mesh, and Z88Aurora crashes with the message on the command line "./aurorastart: line 8: 5821 Segmentation fault z88aurora" :roll:

I am on a debian-8 linux laptop with GPU disabled, and a 2.5GHz i3 CPU.

"Danke" in advance for your help

unfortunately, we cannot reproduce the problem described under Ubuntu. Does the problem also occur with the provided examples?

Otherwise Aurora V5 will be released in the near future. Maybe you could test this version to see if the problems still occur.

"danke" for your time and attention.

Yes, the software crashes while doing the example projects ( I have been doing just those so far).

I will try Z88Aurora's next version, as you suggest, and will report again on this issue.
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