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Hi everyone. :shock:
I just installed Z88 Aurora on my MacBook Pro and spent some time converting data I used to test an own FEM-code into Z88 format.
I created two ASCII text data files:
Z88I1.txt (structure) and Z88I2.txt (constraints),
according to the Theory Manual.
I stored them in a new, empty folder.
I asked Z88 Aurora to open it.
I then get a message: "Cannot read structure data".
What should I do?
Thanks in advance.
Aloísio Leoni Schmid
UFPR - Curitiba - Brazil
vom SHautsch
Dear Aloísio,

if you want to use Z88Aurora, you will have to write your data files in Z88Aurora format which is z88structure.txt for your structure and z88sets.txt and z88setsactive.txt for your constraints.

But your work was not in vain, you can import the Z88OS format (z88i1.txt and z88i2.txt) into Z88Aurora.
Simply create a new project in Z88Aurora (empty folder!) and then select Import > Z88 data, then choose project (i1,i2,i5) in the dropdown menu.

We do recommend to not open projects in folders which were not created by Z88Aurora - this can lead to data loss. If you write data files by yourself, please create a new project and close Z88Aurora, then copy the structure and sets files into that folder and reopen it. This is the safer way.

Kind regards,

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