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vom gupta90

I have just started using z88 Aurora and am having trouble importing geometry. Whenever I try to import STL, STP or STEP geometry x88 just freezes and I have to force quit it. I've read over the other posts (in english) that relate to this and Ive done everything suggested. I have added the correct paths to geocon, tetgen and netgen (win32 folder in their respected subdirectories). And I have also made sure the file path does not have any spaces ie C:\Tempz88\file.stl. Ive also named the file without spaces.

I followed the video tutorial "quick linear" which analysed a tensile load on a conrod and it worked perfectly. However I cannot seem to open any geometry! At first I thought maybe my machine was too slow but Ive tried it with simple models (cylinders) and it doesnt work.

Does anyone have any suggestions/solutions?
vom selopez
Just one but without pretending that is the only one answer to import problems: be sure that the file to be imported is in the z88aurorav1 directory . Regards.
vom mz15
Hello gupta90,

also make sure that the stl-file is an ASCII-file, not a binary-file, that type can not be processed. When you open the file all lines should be readable by human. If there are strange character this file may be a binary-file. Then you must explicite export a ASCII-file from your CAD-System.

best regards
Markus Zimmermann
vom gupta90

Solidworks seems to output STL primarily as binary so I changed it to ASCII. I also put it in the install directory of Aurorav1 and it imported fine!
vom syahadah
Hello everyone...

i'm just want to know what are the meaning of this error that i have found..kindly need help..

the error is: <Z88aurora.exe:5800>:Pango-WARNING **: Invalid UTF-8 string passed to go pango_layout_set_text<>

tq in advance..:)

vom MNeidnicht
Hello Syahadah,

we know about some little bugs according to the pango-problem in AuroraV1. But it only deals with the text-representation on the screen. Your calculation results are still reliable!

We have eliminated this problem In the current version of Aurora. :)

Martin Neidnicht

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