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I hope this solution works for You like it worked for me.

To import Autocad and Sketchup geometry in Z88 You need the free software: Meshlab

export in STL format (that's a STL binary version)
convert the STL binary file in STL ascii file with Meshlab
now you can import the STL ascii file in Z88 Aurora

Sketchup (free and/or pro version):
export in Collada format
convert in STL ascii format with Meshlab
import the STL ascii file in Z88 Aurora

How to use Meshlab:
open the file generated from Autocad (STL binary) or Sketchup (Collada)
Now Meshlab open automatically the post-open processing windows.
You need to leave selected the option: "Unify Duplicated Vertices" and press OK.
from the menu file select: "Export Mesh As..."
put a name for your file
select STL file format and push save
Meshlab now show you the windows with caption: "Choose Saving Options for:"
In that window you have to deselect the option: "Binary ecoding".
Now you can press OK and obtain the STL ascii file for Z88 Aurora, enjoy.

P.S. 1
Meshlab can convert many format and I think You can use a lot of software (free or not) for your creation.

P.S. 2
Many thanks for Z88 Aurora. It's a great software.
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