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vom Hopman

I have a problems with importing a DXF file. I have read the DXF examples guide but i cannot solve the problem.

When importing the DXF file i get the following message:

(z88aurora.exe: 5608): Pango-WARNING ** : Invalid UTF-8 string passed to pango_lay out_set_text()

The drawing is almost simular like exersice 6, the crane girder and this model is working.


vom Z81
Dear Jan,

which program do you use creating the dxf-files? Some CAD-programs don't stick to the
data format standards, therefore import problems can arise.

Best regards,
vom Hopman
Hello Z81,

Thanks for the reply. I use Autodesk Autocad 2011. but i have saved and tried all the previous versions.
R12, 2000, 2004, 2007 and 2010 (DXF). but nothing works.

I also have my doubts for the right structure data Z88I1.TXT

I have:
a 3D model, 65 nodes, 168 lines,Number of degrees of freedom=60, 4 different materials so 4 mat lines, Coordinate flag KFLAG=0, Beam flag=0 IBFLAG=0,Plate flag IPFLAG=0
this results in: 3 65 168 60 4 0 0 0 0
I don't no what to do with the last four flags and the DOF where can i find the explanation of this.
The drawing is almost simular like exersice 6 the crane girder. difference are only the dimensions.

Greetings Jan
vom Z81
Dear Jan,

you can find the information on the other flags in the Z88 theory manual (menubar >
help > theory manual) on page 25, as I may quote:
1st number: Dimension of the structure (2 or 3)
2nd number: Number of nodes of the FEA structure
3rd number: Number of elements
4th number: Number of degrees of freedom
5th number: Number of material information lines
6th number: Coordinate flag KFLAG (0 or 1)
7th number: Beam flag IBFLAG (0 or 1)
8th number: Plate flag IPFLAG (0 or 1)
9th number: Surface and pressure loads flag IQFLAG (0 or 1)
Not contained in Z88 Aurora-generated Z88I1.TXT:
10th number: Shell flag IHFLAG (0 or 1)
To help with your current structure, I need some information:
Which type of element do you use for your structure? Do you already have the
current Z88Aurora V1b or a former version? And what operating system are you
working with?
Concerning your data, you can also send your files to our support mail adress:
and we can have a closer look. :D

Best regards,
vom Hopman
Hello Z81,

Thanks again for the reply.

I defined the element types with 2 and 4. or did you mean the mat lines? The element numbering is criss cross so eventually i get 4 mat lines to devide the right element types.

I use the V1b version and i operate with a 64Bit, windows7 version.

I will send my data to the support email adress



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