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I can't import a .inp file because it says

# More than one element type was found
# Z88Aurora can import only one element type
# Shut down z88inp

But the file has only one element type (C3D4). I get the same error with C3D10 and also with Z88Arion. So what are the rules for a .inp file to be compatible with Z88Aurora? Or are there example files that it can import?

I've attached a failing .inp file. Renamed to .pdf to allow the forum to accept it.
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Dear Zambozi,

your keywords do not match.
To make it work, either change the keywords in your INP file or in the inpenviro.z88 file in the binary folder of your Z88Aurora installation.

You use:
*Node and *Element, type=C3D4

Please refer to theory manual page 106 and following (4.1.9 THE ABAQUS CONVERTER Z88AINP).

Kind regards,
Unfortunately I wasn't involved in the development of the Abaqus converter, so I can't tell why it's case-sensitive. If your software always exports INP files with capital letters, you only need to alter the file inpenviro.z88 once and it will work for all your INP files.
I will submit a request to our developers and eventually there will be an update of the converter in one of the next releases of Z88Aurora.

Kind regards,
Stefan! :mrgreen:

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