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vom auroraIco
As I promised therefore, I will show some new features of Z88AuroraV2. I will start with the new picking function.
Many users had asked for better opportunities in material or boundary condition declaration. In Z88AuroraV2 it is possible to choose node or element areas and give it a name. After that you can apply for example boundary conditions or materials.
The former use of the „degree“ key is left out, the functionality is now found in the left menu.
Additionally to node selection, there is a new element selection opportunity. Only with one click at the centre of the element you can choose every of its nodes.
These functionalities can also be used for display reasons.

Greetings, aurora_ico
vom auroraIco
That´s very kind of you! The finishing touches on the static mechanical analysis are just being made.
Greetings aurora_ico
vom mabinty
Dear auroraIco,

im using z88aurora V2 on ubuntu 12.04. on a 8 core CPU and 64GB RAM machine. So far I had good experience with z88 for small cases. BUT for a case with 500k nodes the GUI is super slow (moving/rotating of the geometry) and picking nodes, elements or surfaces is virtually impossible as the mouse clicks are either not recognised or it takes several seconds till a selection of an item is visualised.

Is this a problem of the z88-GUI with "big" cases (I assume not) or a problem with my set-up (operating system, z88 settings, etc.). If its a problem with my set-up, can you suggest some solutions?

Thanks in advance!

vom MBraun
Dear mabinty,

for this kind of problem the graphic board is essential.

For moving and rotating large models we recommend to use "Qick View" (click on "View" -> "Qick View")
If you want to pick surface nodes you can also switch to "Boundary/Solid View" to visualize just the nodes on the outer surface (click on "View" -> "Boundary/Solid View").

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