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vom gareth22
Dear Z88 forum,

I am just starting with Z88 but unfortunately I do not speak good German. Otherwise, perhaps I could have found the answer to my problem already....

When using Z88X DXF convertor to import a DXF file I have the following problem;
"Z88X.DXF for Z88I1.TXT: first Inputgroup missing or wrong STOP".

So this means that the format of my DXF file is somehow wrong?

Here is the start of my DXF file, which was generated using GiD (CIMNE):
[quote] 0
[/quote] ETC........

Does anyone here have experience of importing a GiD project into Z88?

EDIT: I forgot to mention that the same error occurs with the Z88 example files!!!! So I guess, on reflection, that it is not an issue specific to the GiD-generated DXF file!

Thank you for your time!

vom gareth22
Further to my previous post I would like to clarify something regarding Z88, which I think is not made clear enough in the Z88 documentation and so could be confusing for a new user.

Your project in Z88 cannot be arbitrarily named, for instance "myproject1". It must always be named "Z88". If you want to import a DXF file it must be named "z88x.dxf" and it must be placed in the Z88 home directory. Similar rules apply to all of the project files.

True or False? and.... WHY make it like this? :roll:
Having this system in place means that it is difficult to work on two projects at once.

I am using Z88 on win32, pre-compiled version 13.

Thank you for your replies! :)
vom Troll
Hello gareth,

yes, you are right, your project has to be named z88x.dxf. This is the file the converter is looking for and the one it is opening.

Sorry, but with the purely C-based setup of Z88 a specific name is the
best OS-independent way to specify a file.

If you want to work on several projects at once you can always copy the complete z88-folder to a different directory and name it like the project.



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