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The new Z88 Version 13 for Windows and UNIX/LINUX is ready for download under www.z88.de. New features:

- a new parallel sparse matrix solver Z88PAR with multi-CPU support (very fast)

- one single and enhanced plot program Z88O which can now plot boundary conditions. Works on Windows systems with the genuine WinAPI from Microsoft and OpenGL, on LINUX systems with GTK+ and OpenGL

- the first part of the two sparse matrix solvers (i.e. Z88I1) uses now a minimum of memory and works extremely fast

- you may now compute and plot v.Mises stresses, principal stresses and Tresca stresses

- real native Windows and LINUX releases for both 32 bit and 64 bit support (for large structures)

- Z88 for UNIX/LINUX works now with GTK+ (former releases used Motif or OpenMotif) - this should present fewer difficulties for compiling and running Z88 on UNIX systems


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