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vom AhmedER
I have been trying to use Z88 as a solver in FreeCAD FEM workbench. I encountered the following error while trying to solve a truss problem.
"Multiple beamsections for Z88 not yet supported!"

Is this feature being developed? Can I help is developing it? If so, then where can I find any developer wiki/forum/guide for Z88OS?
vom DGoller
Hi AhmedER,

I suppose this is an issue with FreeCAD, since Z88 can already handle multiple beam sections. So you basically have two options:
1. Use only Z88Aurora (or Z88OS) in your workflow. You can create truss structures entirely in Z88Aurora.
2. You can update the FreeCAD module to support multiple beam sections. I looked into the code, it's located in /src/Mod/Fem/FemInputWriterZ88.py

Best regards,
vom McBernd
It is not that difficault since this feature is implemented in CalculiX solver already there could be reused the code to get the elements out of the FEM mesh for each cross section.

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