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Adding to Z88OS source code

BeitragVerfasst:Fr 7. Jul 2017, 22:49
von AhmedER
I was wondering if there is any wiki/forum/guides...,etc specifically made for developing Z88OS.

PS is there a way to turn forums website language to English?

Re: Adding to Z88OS source code

BeitragVerfasst:Mo 10. Jul 2017, 17:51
von DGoller
Dear AhmedER,

the major resources for information on Z88OS are the manual (which is part of the repository), this board and the book ( ... 1569904871). This should point you in the right direction to get started with Z88OS.

Yes you can change the language to English if click on your name in the upper right corner, then "Kontrollzentrum" -> "Einstellungen" -> "Meine Sprache". I hope this helps :)