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vom DanBil
Good morning,

here is a small tet10-example with 12 elements...

Good luck with debugging!
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vom McBernd
Great, thanks Daniel. I could debugg it. It's in master already https://github.com/FreeCAD/FreeCAD/commit/ace619

Mhh the thing is I was not able to get it working by the paper diagramms and node assignement. What I did was change the z88 file and imported only one tet into FreeCAD, moved and turned it in a way it is in space like an own in FreeCAD created tet10. Node1 FreeCAD was Node1 Z88. Than I changed the node order during import to the same as FreeCAD. Same I did for export. It seams to work. See attached the official z88 tet10 examples and your small file exported from FreeCAD.

gruss bernd

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vom DanBil
Good morning Bernd,

i had a closer look at the z88structure-File and it is absolutely correct. Also your mesh-pictures look correct, so your import/export-functions seem to work!
Good job!

kind regards,

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