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Under Ubuntu 9.10 "Karmic Koala" you may install Z88 very quickly by "Applications > Ubuntu Software Center >Science". Then you may launch Z88 after the download immediatelly by "Applications > Science > Z88". This works fine if English is selected as your system language. However, on european Ubuntu systems with German or French system language you'll run into problems with Z88: Neither the computing modules nor the plot program Z88O (it will show a red background after "Run" !) will work properly because Z88 wants the period "." als the decimal seperator, not the comma "," ! That means: 3.1416 is correct, 3,1416 is wrong. The computer language C - and Z88 is programmed in C - always uses the period. Unfortunatelly, German or French Ubuntu systems etc. work as a default with the comma which is correct in daily life but not for computer programs.

Here's help:

- Either switch your system language to English by "System > Administration > Language support" and reboot.

-or - don't start Z88 by "Applications > Science > Z88" but proceed like described in the Z88 manual: Open a terminal by "Applications > Accessories > Terminal" and enter: LANG=C <Return> export LANG <Return> z88 <Return>. If you don't wish to start the several Z88 modules by the Z88 commander, then add in addition: PATH=$PATH:. <Return> export PATH <Return>.

It's a good idea to enter these system commands into the system start files .bash_profile and/or .profile .

Last step: Switch in the file Z88.DYN from ENGLISH to GERMAN and re-launch Z88.

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