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error message

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Hi guys
I am new to all this stuff attach is a file i am trying to run and see at what point it would fail. I can import no problems . I am trying to follow the first video in the help manuel if i come to the point of clicking the Creat mesh that is as far as it goes let me know what i am doing wrong or ask me some question i will try to answer then Sorry i can't attach file the extension stl is not allowed i could email it to anyone that wants to take a shot at it . (Ich can dentch lasen aber night gut ferstehn ) Thank you bwshop

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Re: error message

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Hello bmshop,

sounds like your stl-file is a bit to complicated. Sometimes, if very small triangels or edges exists in the stl-file, the mesher cant´t mesh. Some CAD programs allow to edit this, but only some. You can send me the file and then i take a look at it. (michael.frisch(at)

Best regards

M. frisch