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Questions on solvers and optimization algorithms

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vom timgow
Is there a control that will promote a result without holes? This is perhaps a naive question.
Can a rule be included where elements are only 'removed' (taken out of participation) from the exterior of the solid mesh?
Kind regards,
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Dear Tim,

again this functionality (like any other kind of production restriction) is not yet implemented in Z88Arion. Commerical optimization tools like TOSCA will provide a closed surface for example with forging restrictions enabled...for Z88Arion, you could trick the solver by using fix-sets for the surfaces which should not be removed.
As you can clearly see, Z88Arion is still under development and misses several features, which will be added in the future - but I can't promise if and when production restrictions will make it to our software. The next steps are adding smoothing and STL export as well as additional algorithms for shape optimization. So don't expect those production restrictions in the next 1-2 years :roll:

Kind regards,
Hi Stefan,
Thank you for answering my question.
I will undertake some experients using fix-sets; there is quite a learning journey; initial trial pic attached.
kind regards,
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