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Ctrl-click crashes my V2b win 64bit

Verfasst: Fr 25. Jul 2014, 17:25
von TAH1712
Hello. I need help.

With either a project loaded or not, doing a ctrl-click LMB anywhere in the application window FREEZES and stops the program.

Its new Win 7 pro 64 bit (authentic) on a new SSD on a used HP Z600 dual X5650 24mb ram. ATI Firepro V7900. All updated with latest (auto advised )drivers etc. I invested in this pc principally for your 64 bit program.

Firefox, PTC Creo elements/direct, internet content etc - all works as expected.

Any suggestions what could be the problem? I can't imagine there's a problem with with your program because ctrl-click lmb is essentual operation and it would have been discovered immediately. However, it is only Z88 Aurora program that freezes so you are the best / first choice option ( and perhaps the only avenue! ) to ask for help.

I am not very computer savvy - i have even exchanged mouse + keyboard without success (haha -argh).

Cheers and thanks. Tim.

Re: Ctrl-click crashes my V2b win 64bit

Verfasst: Mo 28. Jul 2014, 14:30
von DanBil
Hello Tim,

due to your problem with the ctrl-click, I have asked all my colleagues and we need some more information to fix the problem: please send us
  • - your installation path (umlauts or blanks are not allowed)
  • - the text in the console
Perhaps one of the following actions can still fix the problem: please try to
  • - reinstall Z88Aurora
  • - reduce the resolution
Kind Regards,
Daniel Billenstein

Re: Ctrl-click crashes my V2b win 64bit

Verfasst: Mo 28. Jul 2014, 17:06
von TAH1712
Hey DanBil - thanks for reply.

I have uninstalled / Installed 3 times now without success.

I have altered the resolution - i assume you refer to 'screen resolution' - without success.

The program FREEZES first upon Ctrl-Click LMB) then becomes officially 'not responding' upon second Ctrl-Click LMB.

NO additional text is in the console to report an error.

This happens with an empty ( no ) project, a 'new' project or a existing project loaded.

The directory start C:/Z88AuroraV2/win/start/...

Do you have any facility to 'peek / prod / play' with my machine over internet ?

Thank you for any help / thoughts...

Re: Ctrl-click crashes my V2b win 64bit

Verfasst: Mo 28. Jul 2014, 19:16
von TAH1712
Hello DanBil.

Success - no more freezing up / not responding etc!

Removed all ATI drivers ( Z88Aurora then worked fine ) which were recommended by the ATI site for this V7900 card etc.
Installed ISV certified drivers ( from ATI !) and everything else that came bundled with it, for Creo Elements/Direct 18.1 and HP Z420 64 bit (even though i have Z600 and 'FREE' Modelling express version 6 (i.e v19.0 Creo Element/Direct)

So it now works.

Regards - Tim.

Re: Ctrl-click crashes my V2b win 64bit

Verfasst: Di 29. Jul 2014, 06:54
von DanBil
Hello Tim,
I'm glad you could solve the problem.

Kind regards,