Beam Section Properties

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Beam Section Properties

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I've just run through all the beam section properties on the "Element Geometry" tab. And I'm finding some discrepancies. Although, I'm using my old college books, here are two pages showing the equations I'm using. ... of_inertia

Here is a link to the spread sheet I created using the equations above.

Circle - I got complete agreement on the "Circle" type.
Tube - On the Tube type, the Iy, Iz and It were off by nearly an order of magnitude.
Rectangle and Square profile - I got complete agreement on everything except "It". It which was somewhat off, although the equation, I'm using has some approximations in it. Maybe yours is better.
I-Beam - I got the same values, but its appears the Iy and Iz are swapped. Maybe, I've swapped them, but I'm being consistent with the Rectangular and Square profile version. So I think one set or the other are reversed. Also the ymax and zmax are zero on your screen.

Also, I can't seem to find a reference of what Wt is? Could you point me to some way to calculate it for all the section types?


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Re: Beam Section Properties

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Hello Inquisitor,

thank you for this hint, we will check this and then I will post the result.

Markus Zimmermann